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 Rules - Must Read

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PostSubject: Rules - Must Read   2/24/2013, 5:05 pm


Do not spam. The following counts as spam:
- Posting one word messages that does not contribute to the thread
Ex. lol
- Off-Topic discussions
- Double posting
- Chatting with friends

You may bump a thread at least every 4 hours. If you have something short to say to a friend on that topic, then put it in a spoiler. If not, take it to the PMs or chatbox.

Necro Posts

Necro posting is when you post in a thread that has been dead for weeks, months, or even years. Do not necro post. You may necro a thread if you have something crucial to contribute to the dead thread. We will issue a simple warning if we find your necro post unnecessary.


Do not purposely cause drama and do not insult someone because they have their own opinions on something that you don't agree with. If a flame war starts in a thread then please request an admin or mod to lock that thread. Punishments will be dealt accordingly.


Do not advertise any other academies here. If you think there is an academy that we should affiliate with then make sure to let us know.
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Rules - Must Read
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