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 Staff Applications

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PostSubject: Staff Applications   1/21/2014, 9:28 pm

in order to become a member of the CDA staff you must have all of the following requirements met:

you must have scored at least a 70 percent on 1 of your test results, therefore you must be at least be a Thor student

you must have knowledge of your position that you're applying for

you must be active, kind, patient and ready to do your job

you must submit an application saying which job you would like, what you could do to make CDA a better place, and your knowledge of your position
(also past experiences with such position would also help)

your application will be reviewed by both founders and if your application makes it through the review process both founders will watch you in one match against an opponent in the rated format using a deck of your choosing that follows our banned list. if we see that your skills are up to par then we shall swear you in in the position you applied for

Thank you all for reading
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Staff Applications
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