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 CDA Rules on Posting

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PostSubject: CDA Rules on Posting   3/29/2013, 3:14 am

To ensure that the forum does not become clogged up with spam posts, i have seen fit to write down these guidelines to posting.
As of the posting of this topic, the following kinds of posts WILL NOT be accepted and will be deleted during weekly/nightly maintenance.
-Single word posts. Posting things such as Cool, or thanks, or Hi, are not acceptable.

-Single emoticon/img/video/quote posts are not acceptable

-Spam posts are not acceptable. Meaning don't just post for the heck of it, please contribute to the conversation at hand when you post.

-Posts heavy with emoticons are not allowed. Emoticons are fine, but use them in moderation.

-Quotes ARE acceptable so long as you follow with your own thoughts and words.

I don't want you all to think i am being harsh. I simply wish to stop posts like these from wasting all of our time and clogging the forum.
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CDA Rules on Posting
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